Albert Miralles Draft Capsule

VITALS: 6-10, 255, Roseto Basket Town (Italy)

OVERVIEW: Miralles spent last season with Roseto Basket Town in Serie A, averaging 6.5 points and 4.7 rebounds. Considered an excellent prospect in Europe, Miralles has struggled to tap his potential. Over the last four seasons, he has played for six teams, including Virtus Kinder Bologna, one of the best clubs on the continent. Miralles also has experience with the Spanish Under-20 National Team. He declared for the 2002 NBA draft but later withdrew.

LIKELY DRAFT POSITION: Miralles had a coming out party at the Reebok Euro Big Man Camp this month and is a probable second-rounder. He considered going to the NBA a couple years ago but just was not good enough to do so. Since then, Miralles has done little playing professionally in Europe, and scouts soured on him - until recently.




POSITIVES: Miralles is like a bigger version of Luis Scola, who is considered one of the best forwards in Europe. Both are tough-minded post players who hit the boards and block shots off will and timing. Mirralles has an excellent body and is a solid athlete. He is skilled like many European big men but does not try to play like a guard. While he will never be a great player in the NBA, many of the things Miralles does in Spain he may be able to do in America as a result of his physical tools.

SHORTCOMINGS: Miralles does not even get major minutes in Europe, where the level of competition pales in comparison to the NBA. That is not a good sign. Perhaps his coach overseas knows something that American scouts do not.

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “Miralles is definitely a good late second-round pick.” - Sacramento Kings international scout Jason Filippi

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Updated Sunday, Dec 24, 2006