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Kentucky and Anthony Davis made a big splash in the 2012 NBA draft, while Perry Jones III and Jared Sullinger took the hardest falls.   

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Round 1 1 (1) New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis(video) C 6'10 220 Kentucky
Anthony Davis

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Davis is a gifted defensive big man who can run all day. His offense remains raw, but with his work ethic, high basketball IQ and athleticism, it will come around. This guy is the next Tim Duncan. It's up to the Hornets to get him some talented teammates.

Round 1 2 (2) Charlotte Bobcats Michael Kidd-Gilchrist(video) SF 6'7 225 Kentucky
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Kidd-Gilchrist is a great athlete whose defense is ahead of his offense at this point. He is a good scorer but not necessarily a good shooter. The Bobcats need a massive infusion of talent, and Kidd-Gilchrist is a good start.

Round 1 3 (3) Washington Wizards Bradley Beal(video) SG 6'3 208 Florida
Bradley Beal

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Wizards need a shooting guard and Beal should fit nicely. He is not an elite athlete, but he is a solid all-around player with a high basketball IQ. He is an excellent rebounder, has a nice mid-range game and can finish at the rim. Thursday was his 19th birthday.

Round 1 4 (4) Cleveland Cavaliers Dion Waiters(video) SG 6'4 215 Syracuse
Dion Waiters

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Waiters, who left school after his sophomore season, shot up draft boards late in the process. He is physical and tough, and can knock down outside shots as well as muscle his way into the lane. He should fit nicely with Cavs PG Kyrie Irving.

Round 1 5 (5) Sacramento Kings Thomas Robinson PF 6'10 238 Kansas
Thomas Robinson

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Robinson is a gifted athlete who is a good scorer and rebounder, especially on defense. He is a willing defender, too. One question, though: Can he play alongside DeMarcus Cousins? Neither is a perimeter guy.

Round 1 6 (6) Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard(video) PG 6'3 195 Weber State
Damian Lillard

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Blazers need everything, and Lillard gives them an athletic, sweet-shooting point man. He is a good scorer who also is an efficient shooter and has big-time range. An Oakland native, he’s also a tough, gritty defender.

Note: from Nets
Round 1 7 (7) Golden State Warriors Harrison Barnes(video) PF 6'8 219 North Carolina
Harrison Barnes

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Barnes didn’t live up to his immense high school hype while at UNC, but he still is a gifted offensive talent, which is something the Warriors need at small forward. Barnes is a good athlete who has 3-point range and a developed mid-range game, but a perceived lack of toughness is something to keep an eye on in the NBA.

Round 1 8 (8) Toronto Raptors Terrence Ross SG 6'5 190 Washington
Terrence Ross

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Ross went much higher than most expected. He is athletic and offense-minded, and the Raptors need scorers. He is 6-foot-6, but needs to add weight (he’s only 190) and strength. Can he play defense against NBA perimeter guys?

Round 1 9 (9) Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond(video) C 6'11 268 Connecticut
Andre Drummond

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Drummond is a big-time boom-or-bust guy. He is athletic and a good shot-blocker, but he didn’t rebound or score as well as expected in his lone season with UConn, and his consistency and motivation were questioned. Can he and Pistons big man Greg Monroe co-exist? Detroit may regret passing on a perimeter player.

Round 1 10 (10) New Orleans Pelicans Austin Rivers PG 6'4 205 Duke
Austin Rivers

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Hornets try to start putting good players around Anthony Davis by taking another college freshman. Rivers has a high basketball IQ (not surprising, considering his dad) and knows how to score. But his outside shooting is spotty, he’s not overly athletic and he needs to gain weight and strength.

Note: from Timberwolves via Clippers
Round 1 11 (11) Portland Trail Blazers Meyers Leonard(video) C 7'1 240 Illinois
Meyers Leonard

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Blazers took Leonard with their second lottery selection. Leonard is athletic, especially for a guy who is 7-1, but he has a ways to go before he can be a legitimate NBA contributor. He lacked consistency with the Illini and wasn’t as good a rebounder or scorer as he should've been with that athleticism.

Round 1 12 (12) Houston Rockets Jeremy Lamb(video) SG 6'5 185 Connecticut
Jeremy Lamb

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Lamb is a smooth offensive player who can hit the 3-pointer, score with his mid-range shot and finish in the lane. But he never seemed to have any consistency this past season as a sophomore. He needs to add weight, and you wonder if he can play NBA-caliber defense.

Note: from Bucks
Round 1 13 (13) Phoenix Suns Kendall Marshall PG 6'4 195 North Carolina
Kendall Marshall

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Suns could lose PG Steve Nash, and Marshall is the best point man in this draft. He is an incredibly gifted passer and ran an up-tempo offense at UNC. He began looking for his shot more late in the season, but he will never be a big scorer. He should annually be among the NBA leaders in assists.

Round 1 14 (14) Milwaukee Bucks John Henson(video) PF 6'11 219 North Carolina
John Henson

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Bucks needed size and Henson is a big guy who is an excellent shot-blocker and a solid rebounder. But his lack of bulk (he is 6-11 but weighs about only 215 pounds) has to be worrisome. He has a limited offensive game, too. He was the third UNC player to go in the lottery.

Note: from Rockets
Round 1 15 (15) Philadelphia 76ers Moe Harkless(video) SF 6'7 218 St. John's
Moe Harkless

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: He will be an NBA small forward but spent a lot of time out of position as a power forward in his one season at St. John’s. He is a good athlete who does a nice job on the boards and on defense. He needs to improve his outside shot.

Round 1 16 (16) Houston Rockets Royce White(video) SF 6'8 255 Iowa State
Royce White

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: An extremely intriguing prospect. He has a good all-around game and is an unreal ball-handler and passer for a 260-pounder. He’s not a great shooter but he does know how to score. He also has been candid about some personal issues, including his fear of flying.

Note: from Knicks
Round 1 17 (17) Cleveland Cavaliers Tyler Zeller(video) PF 7'0 250 North Carolina
Tyler Zeller

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: He’s the first senior selected in the draft and was the first pick dealt Thursday. Zeller gives the Cavs a big man who can run the floor. He has some offensive skills but already may be close to his ceiling. Still, while he doesn’t have the look of a future All-Star, he does have the skills and size that should allow him to be a solid contributor for a while.

Note: from Mavericks
Round 1 18 (18) Houston Rockets Terrence Jones(video) PF 6'9 230 Kentucky
Terrence Jones

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Jones can make an impact on both ends of the floor with his athleticism, size and strength. He can hit the 12-footer and also bang away in the low post. But he lacked consistency at Kentucky and disappeared for big stretches at times.

Note: from Jazz via Timberwolves
Round 1 19 (19) Orlando Magic Andrew Nicholson PF 6'9 225 St. Bonaventure

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Nicholson, a Canadian, flew under the radar for most of his career until he led the Bonnies to the NCAA tourney as a senior. He’s physical and athletic, but can he hit the outside shot with enough regularity to be a perimeter player? He’s a good shot-blocker and knows how to get to the line.

Round 1 20 (20) Denver Nuggets Evan Fournier SG 6'6 192 France
Evan Fournier

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: He is the first international player taken in this draft. Fournier, 19, is considered a solid offensive player who can score in the lane. Consistency from long range is considered a question, and he definitely has a reputation as a finesse guy.

Round 1 21 (21) Boston Celtics Jared Sullinger(video) PF 6'9 266 Ohio State
Jared Sullinger

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: He could prove to be a steal for the aging Celtics; then again, a balky back may wreck his career. Sullinger is a bull in the low post and is an excellent rebounder. He’s not a great athlete, which could hurt on defense in the NBA, but he has a high basketball IQ to make up for that.

Round 1 22 (22) Boston Celtics Fab Melo PF 6'11 255 Syracuse
Fab Melo

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Celtics need size, and Melo certainly helps in that regard. He is a good shot-blocker, but his offense has a long way to go. He’s also not as good a rebounder as he should be for a guy his size. Big question: Can Melo be an effective man-to-man defender?

Note: from Clippers via Thunder
Round 1 23 (23) Atlanta Hawks John Jenkins(video) SG 6'4 205 Vanderbilt
John Jenkins

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: You never can have enough perimeter shooters, and Jenkins is the best pure shooter in this draft. His shooting stroke should be filmed and shown to every young player in the nation. He has great range and is money from the line. His defense and ball-handling are concerns, but, man, he can shoot.

Round 1 24 (24) Dallas Mavericks Jared Cunningham(video) SG 6'5 188 Oregon State
Jared Cunningham

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Cunningham is a scorer, even if he is not necessarily a great shooter. He has a solid mid-range game and is good at drawing contact and getting to the line. While his outside shooting is suspect, his athleticism makes him a worthy choice at this spot.

Note: from Cavaliers
Round 1 25 (25) Memphis Grizzlies Tony Wroten(video) PG 6'5 204 Washington
Tony Wroten

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Wroten, who left Washington after his freshman season, oozes athleticism. He is a bricklayer from the outside, but he can get into the lane and finish at the rim against almost anybody. He can be out of control at times, but he’s a good passer and should be an effective backup for Mike Conley.

Round 1 26 (26) Indiana Pacers Miles Plumlee C 7'0 250 Duke
Miles Plumlee

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Plumlee was a solid complementary player with Duke, which means he should fit right in with the all-for-one-and-one-for-all Pacers. Plumlee is a good rebounder, has a high basketball IQ and had an incredible 40.5-inch vertical leap at the Chicago pre-draft camp. His offense is lacking, though.

Round 1 27 (27) Philadelphia 76ers Arnett Moultrie PF 6'10 220 Mississippi State

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Moultrie is an athletic big man who can score and rebound. He was a bit lackadaisical as a sophomore at UTEP, but was far more forceful in his one season at Mississippi State. He’s a good free-throw shooter, but his motivation was questioned at times last season. Then again, some of his teammates were dogs. He will be dealt to the Sixers for two draft picks, according to Y! Sports' Marc J. Spears.

Note: from Heat
Round 1 28 (28) Oklahoma City Thunder Perry Jones III(video) PF 6'10 222 Baylor
Perry Jones III

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Dallas-area native, who left school after his sophomore season, is an incredibly athletic big man. At times, he seems unstoppable on both ends, and he can play the 3, 4 and 5. But at other times, he coasts and just doesn’t seem to care. If he can be motivated, he is a steal this late in the first round.

Round 1 29 (29) Chicago Bulls Marquis Teague(video) PG 6'2 189 Kentucky
Marquis Teague

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Teague is an athletic point man who will provide insurance for Derrick Rose. He is not a consistent shooter and doesn’t always make the best decisions. But he can get into the paint and he’s an OK passer. His brother, Jeff, plays for Atlanta.

Round 1 30 (30) Golden State Warriors Festus Ezeli(video) C 6'11 262 Vanderbilt
Festus Ezeli

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Ezeli should help a Golden State squad that needs big bodies. He is athletic, a good rebounder and a good shot-blocker, but his offense remains raw. He understands his offensive limitations, though, and should be a serviceable big man off the bench.

Note: from Spurs
Round 2 1 (31) Charlotte Bobcats Jeffery Taylor(video) PG 6'7 225 Vanderbilt
Jeffery Taylor

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Taylor, who went to high school in New Mexico, was a four-year starter at Vandy. He is a good athlete who does most everything well, though he has trouble creating his own shot. He has 3-point range, is a good rebounder and has some defensive skills. He often disappeared at inopportune times in big games.

Round 2 2 (32) Washington Wizards Tomas Satoransky PG 6'6 205 Czech Republic
Tomas Satoransky

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Satoransky, 21, is a native of the Czech Republic who played in Spain last season. He’s a 6-7 point guard who has a nice handle. But his offense needs work and he likely won’t be in the NBA for a while. His defense is far short of NBA standards, too.

Round 2 3 (33) Dallas Mavericks Bernard James C 6'10 230 Florida State

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: James is 27 and spent six years in the Air Force, including two tours in the Middle East. He is a rugged, physical big man whose value comes on the boards and on defense. His offense isn’t much and probably never will be.

Note: from Cavaliers
Round 2 4 (34) Dallas Mavericks Jae Crowder(video) PF 6'6 233 Marquette
Jae Crowder

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Crowder was the Big East player of the year last season, when he was one of the hardest workers in the nation. He is tough, physical, and has some offensive skills. He's also a rugged defender. His size (6-6) makes him a ‘tweener, but it’s hard to imagine him being outworked.

Note: from Cavaliers through Hornets and Heat
Round 2 5 (35) Golden State Warriors Draymond Green(video) SF 6'6 233 Michigan State
Draymond Green

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Green won’t wow you with his physical attributes, but somehow, someway, he always seemed to get the job done. He does nothing great but does everything well, thanks to a high basketball IQ. His lack of quickness and his ‘tweener size hurt him in the eyes of NBA scouts.

Note: from Nets
Round 2 6 (36) Indiana Pacers Orlando Johnson SG 6'5 220 Santa Barbara
Orlando Johnson

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Johnson was one of the most productive offensive players in the nation last season. He has good size (6-5/225) and knows how to use it; he also has 3-point range and is a solid ball-handler and OK defender.

Note: from Kings
Round 2 7 (37) Toronto Raptors Quincy Acy(video) PF 6'7 235 Baylor
Quincy Acy

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: He’s an extremely athletic big man, and is solid on the boards and as a passer. He is not a great shooter, though, and his size (6-7) makes him a ‘tweener of sorts. He works hard on both ends of the court, though.

Note: from Pistons
Round 2 8 (38) Denver Nuggets Quincy Miller SF 6'8 205 Baylor
Quincy Miller

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Miller made a huge mistake leaving after his freshman season. He has a nice skills, but was overwhelmed at times by Big 12 competition. He needs to add weight, develop some consistency and learn how to be physical on defense. In time, though, this guy could become a solid NBA player.

Note: from Warriors via Knicks
Round 2 9 (39) Detroit Pistons Khris Middleton PF 6'7 219 Texas A&M
Khris Middleton

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Middleton had a great sophomore season, but struggled through an injury-marred junior season; he still turned pro, though. He is a good perimeter defender and knows how to rebound, but struggled mightily with his outside shot as a junior. The Pistons need perimeter scorers, but is Middleton a good enough shooter?

Round 2 10 (40) Portland Trail Blazers Will Barton SG 6'6 174 Memphis
Will Barton

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Barton was Memphis’ leading scorer (18.0) and rebounder (8.0). He has struggled with his outside shot, but he has a solid mid-range game and knows how to score in the paint. He also needs to add weight and strength, but his athleticism is a big plus.

Note: from Timberwolves via Rockets
Round 2 11 (41) Brooklyn Nets Tyshawn Taylor(video) PG 6'4 182 Kansas
Tyshawn Taylor

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Taylor was a touted prep star who struggled during his career at KU, finally blossoming as a senior and helping lead the Jayhawks to the national title game. He’s a good defender, but he never developed a consistent outside shot. He has a nice feel for the game, though, and could become a solid reserve.

Note: from Blazers
Round 2 12 (42) Milwaukee Bucks Doron Lamb(video) SG 6'4 205 Kentucky
Doron Lamb

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: The Bucks need some bigger guards and the 6-5 Lamb helps in that regard. He is an excellent shooter, with great range. But he’s sort of a one-trick pony. He’s not that athletic and that hurts. The flipside: That shooting ability is impressive.

Round 2 13 (43) Atlanta Hawks Mike Scott(video) PF 6'9 241 Virginia
Mike Scott

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Scott was one of the best players in the ACC and was the only consistent scorer for the Cavaliers, who made it to the NCAA tournament. Scott is a tough kid who can score in the low post and out to about 15 feet; he also is a good rebounder. But he lacks athleticism.

Note: from Suns
Round 2 14 (44) Detroit Pistons Kim English(video) SG 6'5 192 Missouri
Kim English

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: English is a good shooter and thrives in an up-tempo attack; he also can be a pesky defender. But bigger NBA guards likely will overpower him and his size might mean he has to play the point, a position he seems ill-suited for.

Note: from Rockets
Round 2 15 (45) Miami Heat Justin Hamilton C 6'11 264 LSU

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Hamilton began his career at Iowa State before becoming a productive one-season player at LSU. He’s a big, physical guy who has some low-post moves, but he is slow and not that good a rebounder. He also shot less than 50 percent from the floor.

Note: from Sixers
Round 2 16 (46) New Orleans Pelicans Darius Miller SF 6'7 233 Kentucky
Darius Miller

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Every team needs a tough-minded glue guy, and that’s Miller. He is a physical and aggressive defender, yet has the quickness to stay with most small forwards. Miller also has a nice 3-point stroke. He was a role player in college and could become a valuable role player in the NBA off the bench.

Note: from Mavericks via Wizards
Round 2 17 (47) Utah Jazz Kevin Murphy SF 6'7 185 Tennessee Tech
Kevin Murphy

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: This was the Jazz’s only pick in the draft. Murphy has some offensive skills and can nail the 3-pointer. But his all-around game is lacking, and there’s no way he can survive in the NBA unless he adds weight and strength, and plays better defense.

Round 2 18 (48) New York Knicks Konstantinos Papanikolaou PF 6'9 223 Greece
Konstantinos Papanikolaou

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Papanikolaou helped lead Olympiacos of the Greek League past CSKA Moscow in the Euroleague Championship game. He has the makings of a nice all-around perimeter player, but needs more seasoning overseas. His athleticism is a plus.

Round 2 19 (49) Orlando Magic Kyle O'Quinn PF 6'10 240 Norfolk State
Kyle O'Quinn

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: O’Quinn became a household name (well, for those who watch the NCAA tourney, anyway) when he led Norfolk State past Missouri in a second-round shocker. He is a physical guy who can rebound and score in the low post. But he’s not that athletic and must get stronger.

Round 2 20 (50) Denver Nuggets Izzet Turkyilmaz C 7'1 211 Bandırma Banvit (Turkey)

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Turkyilmaz is a 7-footer who plays for the Turkish national team. He is extremely raw (he averaged 9.2 minutes per game for his Turkish pro team), and is an athletic 21-year-old who is a long way from making an NBA impact.

Round 2 21 (51) Boston Celtics Kris Joseph(video) PF 6'7 211 Syracuse
Kris Joseph

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Joseph was Syracuse’s leading scorer last season and has a nice offensive skills. He has 3-point range, but is most effective with his mid-range jumper. He also has the athletic ability to get into the lane and create contact. His defense is questionable and he’s not a good rebounder.

Round 2 22 (52) Golden State Warriors Ognjen Kuzmic C 7'0 240 Clinicas Rincon (Spain)

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Kuzmic is a 7-1 Bosnian who played in Spain this season. He is a couple of years away from being NBA ready, mainly because he lacks strength and a well-rounded offensive game. But he is considered a good shot-blocker and rebounder, and he is relatively athletic.

Note: from Hawks
Round 2 23 (53) Los Angeles Clippers Furkan Aldemir PF 6'9 225 Turkey

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Aldemir, who turns 21 in August, played pro ball in Turkey this season. He’s a grinder who lacks athleticism, but he can be effective in the low post as a scorer and, especially, a rebounder. He must develop a more sophisticated offensive game before he can play in the NBA.

Round 2 24 (54) Brooklyn Nets Tornike Shengelia C 6'9 228 Spirou Charleroi

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Shengelia, who is from the Republic of Georgia and plays in Belgium, turns 21 in October. He is a good ball-handler, especially for a guy who is 6-9, and a solid rebounder. He’s athletic and active in the paint. But he is not a good shooter and must become a better defender.

Note: from Sixers via Grizzlies
Round 2 25 (55) Los Angeles Lakers Darius Johnson-Odom PG 6'3 210 Marquette
Darius Johnson-Odom

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Johnson-Odom averaged in double figures in both his seasons at Marquette after transferring in from a junior college. He is athletic, physical and can jump out of the gym; he also is a good shooter. His problem: He is 6-2 and can’t play the point. His intensity on both ends could help him land a roster spot, though.

Note: from Mavericks via Lakers
Round 2 26 (56) Toronto Raptors Tomislav Zubcic F 6'10 225 Croatia

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Zubcic, 22, is a rail-thin (210 pounds) 7-footer who played in Croatia this season. He’s athletic and has nice offensive skills. Alas, he has to gain a lot of weight and add a lot of strength, and he also has to learn how to play defense. His offense, though, means he could eventually prosper in the NBA.

Note: from Pacers
Round 2 27 (57) Brooklyn Nets Ilkan Karaman F 6'10 254 Turkey

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Karaman, who turned 22 last month, played for a Turkish pro team this season. He's a physical power forward who rebounds well but has a still-developing offensive game. His rebounding ability and intensity could eventually earn him an NBA roster spot.

Note: from Heat
Round 2 28 (58) Minnesota Timberwolves Robbie Hummel PF 6'8 215 Purdue
Robbie Hummel

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Hummel was one of the best all-around players in the nation -- when healthy. But that has been a problem. He has had two ACL tears and also been bothered by a bad back. He is a good shooter and passer, and is a tenacious competitor.

Note: from Thunder
Round 2 29 (59) San Antonio Spurs Marcus Denmon G 6'3 188 Missouri

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Denmon was Mizzou’s leading scorer this season and is tough on the boards for a guy his size (6-3). But his size is a problem. He’s not a point guard, and that hurts his NBA stock. He has good range and is a solid defender, and those are traits that could help him make a roster.

Round 2 30 (60) Los Angeles Lakers Robert Sacre C 7'0 260 Gonzaga
Robert Sacre

Mike Huguenin's Analysis: Sacre was a productive big man for Gonzaga for three seasons, but perhaps not quite as productive as he should’ve been. Sacre is athletic and has a nice skill set, but he never has been a strong rebounder or that good a low-post scorer.

Note: from Bulls via Bucks and Nets

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