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UPDATE: Dom scored! Late in the third quarter of the Wiz-Bobcats game, after 116 consecutive scoreless minutes, McGuire put back an Andray Blatche miss. That must have felt really, really good ...

And I'm not talking about with the ladies. Hardy har har.

David Arnott of Rufus On Fire — doing his best Kelly Dwyer impersonation — stumbled upon this rather ignominious streak currently held by Wizards forward Dominic McGuire.

Dude scored in the second quarter of the game against Denver on March 20, then didn't score again over the next 20:12 he played in that game. On March 21, he played 22:33 without scoring. Then, on March 23, he played 41:25 without scoring. That's mind-melting. That's 84 minutes and 10 seconds — and counting — without scoring. By a small forward-power forward tweener.

In a way, it's the ultimate in simultaneously selfless and nihilistic play, because it's categorically not helping the team, but it's not necessarily hurting, either, and if McGuire's expected to D up and work the ball around to Antawn or JaVale, then so be it.

For dress socks and giggles, Arnott decided to comb through a couple of Dennis Rodman's game logs with the Bulls to see how McGuire's futility streak stacked up. His box score findings:

[Rodman] had a stretch of three straight games in 1998 in which he scored 0 points in each game and played at least 34 minutes in each. Of course, he was also grabbing double digit rebounds in two of them and didn't even attempt a shot in one.

That, and Nick Young is no Michael Jordan. Not yet, at least.

Go, Dominic, go!

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Ball Don't Lie

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