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If you're anything like me — sorry — then you're always wondering, "How can I be more like an NBA player?" Sure, the easy answer is to stretch your body on a medieval torture machine so that you're taller, then hire the world's best trainers to both acclimate you to your new body and also help you develop world-class athleticism for your inevitable NBA tryout, but that can get expensive. It's far easier and cheaper to buy some shoes or a T-shirt, and it's almost the exact same result.

However, one area of NBA simulacra that is sorely lacking in our mutual quest to inhabit the lifestyle of our favorite players is the smell category. All we have is Michael Jordan Cologne, and as Harold Miner can tell you, trying to walk in that scent is a heavy burden that has hints of lavender and amber. Thankfully — THANKFULLY! — a new smell is on the nose-rizon. From the New York Daily News' Rosemary Black:

A second Kardashian sister will debut a new scent, targeted to both men and women.

The fragrance, which Khloe's working on with her husband, Lamar Odom(notes) of the Los Angeles Lakers, will be a unisex scent, according to

Lighthouse Beauty, which created Kim's perfume, has confirmed that it also will be developing the fragrance for Khloe and her NBA champion hubby.

The new scent may be named "Unbreakable," Khloe Kardashian told WWD, though she added, "Baby, I dunno, we're still working on it." [...]

The moniker of the fragrance is still up in the air, a Lighthouse spokesman said, as is the aroma of the new fragrance.

I don't know about you, but this is the most excited I've been for an NBA fragrance since the now-defunct Gheorge Muresan Cologne. For years upon years, we've all been wanting to smell like an NBA player who isn't the best player ever while also smelling like a marginal reality television star. This is great news. The fact that there's neither or a name nor a fragrance picked out is even more exciting.

Just imagine a gummy bear/rose hips hybrid perfume called "Smiles," or a Whoppers and lilac blend called "At the Movies." The combinations are endless, and every single one is enticing. Don't try to act like you wouldn't love to wear "Kardodium," which is just a simple mix of chocolate and citrus scents that's perfect for summer evenings.

According to the Daily News, the fragrance will be in stores next February, just in time for Valentine's Day and my birthday. Coincidence? Not likely.

(h/t With Leather)

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Ball Don't Lie

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