Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Orlando at Los Angeles Lakers
, Game 1, 2009 NBA Finals

Game 1, and it's pretty hard to put into words. Considering that it is my job to do such things, let's ‘ave a go.

These are the teams, the conference champions, that the NBA has given us. And there are no flukes here. No one-sided runs to the end. No teams that took advantage of injury and/or Detroit-style ennui. Whatever happens, from here on out, both the Lakers and Magic are special, special teams. Rightful champions, whichever one wins four out of the next seven.

It has to start somewhere, in Los Angeles, after quite a bit of hoopla. And though we can guess and look to the past to try and tell us things and wrap our minds around what could happen, we don't know how certain bodies are going to bounce off of other bodies once we see these teams go at it.

Sure, adjustments can be made, and bigger games might come down the pike. But a Game 1? That's important, important stuff. Enjoy it.

BDL will have its own in-game live blog, with Trey Kerby running things and yours truly posting live from the Staples Center, around 8:30 9:00 p.m., Eastern, tonight.

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Ball Don't Lie

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