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Hey guys, do you like writing Tweets on the Internet? Who doesn't? They are so much fun — 140 characters of pure smiling and laughs and things like that. In the future, we'll only communicate with Tweets, eat Dippin' Dots and have flying cars, supposedly.

But that's the future, let's talk about what Twitter can do for you RIGHT NOW, Van Halen. If you're a Twitter All-Star, some company might pay you thousands of dollars to Tweet about their company. It's a possibility that one of your favorite celebrities could respond to one of your hilarious jokes. Or, if you're a big-time Golden State Warriors fan, it might land you a job with the team. Yes, really. Via the Huffington Post:

Introducing "Tweedia Day."

The forward-thinking franchise put out a call today for active social media participants -- bloggers, vloggers, microbloggers, podcasters, Facebook users, web writers, and online photo journalists -- to submit an application on the Warriors' website "for a chance to represent their fans, followers and readers at Media Day, which has traditionally been an event closed to the general public."

Consistent with the standards of its referenced namesake, the Tweedia Day application asks fans to state why they should be included in the Warriors 2010 Media Day in 140 characters or less, with no avail of Twitlonger. According to the release, selected social journalists will "attend Warriors Media Day on Monday, September 27, and take part in the festivities right alongside traditional media members, while covering the events on their new and social media platform(s) of choice."

Get your keyboards clackin', friends! One of you could be at "Tweetie Day," Tweetin' up a storm and dropping serious news nuggets on an unsuspecting public. As we all know, nuggs are one of the three most important things in the world — along with chillin' and grindage — so get your applications in.

And hey, if this goes well, maybe the Warriors will expand this program to other facets of their organization. I mean, if they let the fan with the best Twitpic'ed play diagram take over as coach, would anything really be that different?

(h/t True Hoop)

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