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January 04, 2008

Vote Bosh/Bosh in '08

We've dealt with this one. Now I want THIS Chris Bosh for the Eastern All-Star team.

Or, actually; considering his proximity to the left coast, we'd probably have to put him on the Western All-Stars, which would probably make things even better. Would anyone have any issue with a Chris Bosh vs. Chris Bosh tipoff to start the 2008 All-Star Game? I'd love it, and I'm looking for love right now: my girlfriend is angry with me for changing her cellphone ringtone to the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes," and then calling her incessantly at work.

Seriously, look at the guy on the right of this post. He's ebullient. He has a not-at-all-lame Superman tat. He wants everyone to know that, in spite of what might be bringing you down, everything's gonna be alllright (three ls, man, three ls).

This is a man who deserves our attention, and his accomplishments shouldn't be glossed over in favor of someone who happens to have a hyphen on their homepage

Listen to the Jones podcast for a further description. Please.

(Hat-tip: The Basketball Jones' podcast, which is now done partially in Spanish)

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