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In the first half of Sunday night's Cavaliers-Blazers game, Shaquille O'Neal(notes) was fouled hard on an alley-oop attempt and tumbled to the floor. And with most NBA players the story ends there. They pick themselves up, check for any bruises or scratches, and head to the foul line for two shots.

But this is "The Big Diesel" we're talking about here. Shaq is, and forever will be, the NBA's ultimate showman. (Remember his 2009 All-Star Game player introduction? Or this boogie-riffic moment?)

No, after falling to the hardwood, Shaq crawled into the front row seats and planted a giant kiss on the cheek of actor Daniel Baldwin, who was sitting courtside in a black Blazers jersey.

Naturally, it was caught on video.

via The Hoop Doctors

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Ball Don't Lie

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