Ball Don't Lie - NBA

What a super exciting game! Just a very well-played affair by both squads hoping to win Game 6. Not a letdown at all.

Oh, actually the exact opposite of that is what I meant. Unless, of course, you really like missed layups because the Celtics were all over that. And even though Game 6 was over right around the time Kendrick Perkins'(notes) knee buckled in the first quarter, there were a couple nuggets of fun-time basketball to be had Tuesday night.

For instance, Pau Gasol(notes) almost had a triple-double, which doesn't happen too often in the NBA Finals. Furthermore, the good Ron Artest(notes) showed up, and that was pretty fun to watch. And if you're a Celtic booster, you might be happy that Ray Allen(notes) actually made a couple threes Tuesday night.

But the biggest bright spot, by far, was this quick-hitter the Lakers used midway through the third quarter. Pretty decent play, methinks.

Yes, yes. Good play call, Phil Jackson. Nice choice and very effective. High five for that one, big guy.

Just to get mad topical in your brains, wasn't this play totally like a corner kick set piece in the World Cup? I don't know very much about soccer, but I think that's a fair comparison, what with the lob and the high jump and the ball-in-a-net similarities. It's common knowledge that Kobe Bryant(notes) is a big soccer guy, so I'm sure he'd agree. If only Shannon Brown(notes) had somehow headed the ball through the hoop, then we could definitely get some long-haired Englishman to tell us how beautiful of a play this was.

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Ball Don't Lie

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