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I don't know what's funnier about this new Tru Warier Vlog; the video itself, or DBB's hilarious explanation:

"Things are slow around these parts, so [here's] Ron Artest(notes) hanging outside the entrance of a marine-themed amusement park in Hong Kong candidly discussing what went through his mind during The Brawl while being interrupted several times by gawking tourists all the while wearing a rather kick-ass jellyfish shirt, that, come to think of it, is suddenly appropriate if you consider he may have purchased it earlier in the day at the aforementioned marine-themed amusement park." Well said, Mr. Watson. Well said.

In case you were curious, the woman asking Ron-Ron the questions is "Shin Shin," a Filipino-Chinese singer, actress and model. As for the smiley guy in the green shirt near the end of the clip ... well, he's just awesome.

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Ball Don't Lie

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