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Sasha Vujacic's(notes) designer denim line is obviously a great idea. The world needs extra-long, extra-shiny jeans, and The Machine is just the guy to hook us up. Not to mention, he works in a profession chock full of guys who could put a 38-inch inseam to good use.

Unfortunately, one cultural critic of note has already spoken out against these jeans. That intrepid commentator is none other than Vujacic's teammate, Ron Artest(notes). As the Los Angeles Times' Mark Medina found out, he's not going to be hurrying out to get his hands on a pair of SV18s.

Dang it. You mean to tell me that I made a special trip to Nordstrom at the Oakbrook Center mall last night to buy out their entire stock of these jeans, only to find out the very next day that Ron Artest doesn't think they're cool? Dang it. Dang it so much.

Fine. I guess I'll return them. All 34 pairs. Back to the Marbury jeans, I suppose. Those are still cool, for sure.

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Ball Don't Lie

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