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When Phil Jackson disappeared to Montana last May, leaving a disappointing Los Angeles Lakers team behind, nobody would have predicted that the next time we'd take in the musings of the Zen Master would be on opening night of the NFL's football season. Heck, back in May few knew when the opening night of the NFL season would actually take place due to their own lockout, so who would guess at something nutty like that.

Phil is back, though, and via, he's behind the wheel of an Audi A8, and coming to the aid of beleaguered servers everywhere:

Again, we're not typically keen on showcasing advertisements here at BDL, but it's Phil Jackson and Audi. They gave us the Quattro, which short of the triangle offense is the greatest thing ever.

And it's good to see Phil again. Even if he's giving us the first #Humblebrag of the fall television season.

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Ball Don't Lie

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