Ball Don't Lie - NBA

You can't blame Nate Robinson(notes) for being mad at the Celtics. It's hard to get over losing a million dollars, trust me. But the thing is, you kinda sorta got benched for not being the best team player around.

So maybe when your team is having a huddle about "doing it together, together, together" you should be a part of it. No offense, I just thought you'd like to have another million dollars.

Let's not judge Lil' Nate too quickly here. Maybe Jonny Von Greenshirt had some vital information regarding the Cavaliers, or maybe Nate was just making sure that someone was calling 911 because of shorty's fire burning on the dance floor. It could have been a very important conversation that we just witnessed. There's really no way we can know.

Or maybe it's just that Nate Robinson has checked out of this season ever since he fell behind Old Man Finley on the depth chart. I guess that's probably more likely.

(via Hoopsnotes)

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Ball Don't Lie

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