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In the second quarter of Tuesday night's Grizzlies win over the San Antonio Spurs, Memphis center Marc Gasol(notes) received his second technical foul of the game, after taking in the first during the initial quarter while arguing a call. His ejection was not only the first of his NBA career, but it's also the first time we've seen a player get a T for pointing to the instant replay on the scoreboard above.


Since the advent of Jumbotron technology, NBA players and coaches have made a show of either watching or pointing to the replay featured above, following a tough call that didn't go their way. Refs clearly don't like the practice, but more often than not (as the groaning crowd will no doubt let the referees know, following the replay), the referees are aware that they blew a close one, and they'll let the player or coach vent, point or stare at the flickering images above.

This is a first, to these eyes at least, and I've been watching players and coaches keep their eyes peeled on these replays for ages. It should be reminded that Marc didn't get two technicals for pointing to the scoreboard, but that doesn't make the whistle any less unprecedented.

And it was a clean block, by the way.

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Ball Don't Lie

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