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Just about the only knock against Washington Wizards rookie John Wall(notes) is his lack of a consistent jump shot. While the mechanics of his jumper are reminiscent of a young Michael Jordan — ball way out in front, lots of lift-off, more of a wrist flick than flip — the results aren't there. After shooting just .325 from the shorter college 3-point arc, Wall's going to want to develop a trusty jumper if he's going to turn into the world-beater we're all expecting.

Or, he could just shoot underhanded scoop shots from out of bounds, like he did while FanHouse's Elie Seckbach's camera was rolling (:17 mark).

Hey, whatever works, right? Larry David agrees, for sure. Yeah, maybe he doesn't quite have the range of Dwight Howard or LeBron James, but he's just a rookie. Give him time and we might be looking at a new trick-shot All-Star.

Plus, if he can keep convincing Raymar Morgan to do 200 push-ups every time he makes an underhand flip, the Wizards might have a rebounding machine on their hands. Good to see Wall is already making those around him better.

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Ball Don't Lie

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