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New Yorkers have an emotional attachment to former Knick John Starks that most people reserve for family members and significant others. In the words of my colleague Dan Devine, Starks "seemed like he wanted to be a Knick as much as I did," which is pretty much as good an explanation as any. Few athletes seem to love their uniforms as much as the fans, and those players are worth celebrating.

Because of his devotion, Starks is both trusted and beloved by a significant portion of the city's metropolitan area. Given that connection, you can expect many of them to start driving Fords and Lincolns any day now. As seen in the ad above, Starks is now shilling for Ford Lincoln of Queens, aka "The Boulevard's Best." Clearly, the dealership's new owners know exactly how to attract and expand their potential client base.

Honestly, the choice of Starks is just brilliant, like shooting customer fish in a sales barrel. I just hope their supply can keep up with demand.

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Ball Don't Lie

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