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I've been offline this week — logging on only sporadically to check my e-mail, read Dwyer's free-agent insight and see whether my embarrassing "Chop Suey!" karaoke performance has found its way onto YouTube yet — but even still it's been impossible to avoid this LBJ Dunk-Gate drama. (Is that what we're calling it? How about "We Are All Non-Witnesses"?)

The back story, courtesy of Chris Chase at The Dagger: "Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford dunked on LeBron James(notes) during a pick-up game at a basketball camp, Nike confiscated all video evidence of the posterization and debate ensued about whether the tapes were taken because they were embarrassing to LeBron or because of a long-standing Nike policy."

What's most hilarious to me, believing that LeBron and/or Nike did, in fact, demand the footage, is that if the concerned parties had just let "The Dunk" hit the Internet we'd have likely watched it a few times, blurted out a couple "oooos" and "aaaas," and then went right back to our spreadsheets and bake sales. So you got dunked on. Big deal.

Why am I so certain that would've been the general reaction? Because that's exactly what we did when some random mutual fund CEO beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one at the legend's high-end "Flight School" camp in Vegas, circa 2003. Big deal.

"You get dunked on, you get crossed-over ... it all happens."

Sound advice.

(H/T: The Hoop Doctors)

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Ball Don't Lie

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