Ball Don't Lie - NBA

If you couldn't make it to a TV on Wednesday night to catch Atlanta's loss to Chicago, and decided instead to follow the action on Twitter, you were probably repeatedly bashed over the head with musings about just how terrible the game was. I enjoyed the fun in person, but I can't argue away some terrible defensive play from Chicago's Carlos Boozer(notes), bad shot selection from the Atlanta scorers, or the fact that the winning team only notched around 98 points per 100 possessions.

And I'm alone in shaking my head in the wake of that mess. Coach Nick From BBallBreakdown was particularly displeased with the work of Jamal Crawford(notes) and Boozer while commenting on Twitter, and today he has an Xs and Os-heavy video that shows just exactly where Jay-Cee and C-Booz went terribly wrong. Probably when they started calling themselves "Jay-Cee" and "C-Booz."


Game 3 is on Friday night. Hide your eyes.

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Ball Don't Lie

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