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If you only watch one NBA highlight this season, I recommend you press play below. This is one for the ages, or at least pregame warmups — a lunging half-court heave at the buzzer that I still can't believe I actually watched.

The scenario, with a tip of the cap to Basketball Prospectus: Andre Iguodala's second free throw puts the Sixers up 96-95 with 1.8 seconds left. The Nets are out of timeouts. New Jersey inbounds the ball to All-Star Devin Harris, who pushes it quickly up the left sideline. Iggy reaches in and knocks the ball loose — fortunate to not be whistled for a foul — but Harris recovers the rock in stride, flips a shot from half-court, and ...

There was some question as to whether the clock started a bit late — I think it did, but hey, that's homecourt advantage, right? — but still, what a ridiculous shot. Incredible concentration, Mr. Harris. Somewhere, Stu Tanner is smiling. Probably Danny, D.J. and Stephanie, too.

And hey, don't feel too sorry for the Sixers — as points out, poor free-throw shooting doomed Philadelphia into that stomach punch loss. They missed 14 of 37 gimmes from the line. Ugh.

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Ball Don't Lie

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