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It is very hard to be disqualified from a summer league basketball game. Players are allowed to foul as often as they want, which usually ends up being quite a bit. The games don't mean anything and everyone is wearing practice jerseys, so there is very little stress. As far as NBA basketball goes, there is nothing more chill than playing in the NBA's yearly summer league.

But Daniel Orton(notes) is a different kind of guy. He's the kind of dude who will turn pro after a single year in college where he averaged 3 points and 3 rebounds a game while hardly cracking his team's line-up. He's also the kind of guy who will start a fight in summer league with Josh McRoberts(notes), which he did on Monday.

Why so angry, Daniel? I mean, what's the worst that Josh McRoberts could have said? If he said Orton looks like Russell Westbrook(notes), then he'd just be right. And if he said the only good part of "Jonah Hex" was the Mastodon soundtrack, then he's just staying true to his roots. Sure, Josh McRoberts will occasionally have an excellent game where he dunks on everyone and throws behind-the-back passes everywhere, but he is generally a jolly fellow. He is not a guy who anyone should be fighting, especially during the summer in Florida. Mickey Mouse is surely very upset about this.

Of course, maybe Orton was just upset that he had to miss his friends' Fourth of July barbecue, or perhaps he just wanted to make a name for himself as a guy not to be messed with like when Ronnie Bass flipped over that defensive lineman in "Remember the Titans." But whatever the reason, summer league is for learning and having fun in mesh shirts. It is not for fighting Josh McRoberts which is one of the top three rules of summer league. And it is most definitely not for getting tossed in the third quarter of your very first professional game after going 1-for-8 from the field. I think that's actually rule No. 1.

(h/t The Dagger)

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Ball Don't Lie

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