Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Over the past year and change, we've seen Blake Griffin do many amazing things, from winning the dunk contest to becoming Rookie of the Year to making jokes in national TV ads. He's nearing the point where he might not have much to prove, which for a young player means reaching a point where people start to get disappointed he hasn't done more. It's a little unfair, but it's the way of the sporting world.

Or maybe Griffin is great enough to keep shocking us. Take, for instance, this video from a recent Clippers practice, in which Griffin sits at half-court and swishes the ball through the hoop. This will never happen in a game, but it still adds to Blake's growing legend.

We can only wonder what his next trick might involve. My guess is he'll somehow figure out a way to dunk while sitting down. Don't ask me how that's physically possible. Just trust your imagination.

(via TBJ)

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Ball Don't Lie

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