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Immediately following the Lakers' Game 6 win on Tuesday night, Los Angeles head coach Phil Jackson was caught doodling the picture you see above. Such a doodlebug, that guy. According to a few reports — not to mention logic, common sense and normal brain function — the sketch is "1 to ring," meaning the Lakers need one win to be this season's NBA champions. Makes sense, considering that's true. But is there a deeper meaning?

Probably not. But if there is, here are a few suggestions for what these modern hieroglyphics might mean.

1 to 0: Phil Jackson used his Zen Buddhist powers to predict the score of Spain's first World Cup match with Switzerland. Since Kobe Bryant(notes) won't let Pau Gasol(notes) watch his homeland play fútbol, Phil was just trying to warn Pau that his countrymen would be suffering the first real upset of the world's biggest tournament. Phil figured that if he warned Pau ahead of time, he'd have a better chance of getting over the national tragedy before Thursday night's deciding game.

1 to Buzz: Phil's just a big fan of that wacky cartoon character from Sports Illustrated Kids magazine and he wanted everyone to know that he thinks his "Slam Junk" cartoon is hilarious. So basically, one point to Buzz for being the funniest guy ever.

1 to House on Top of the World: After this one last game, Phil Jackson is going to retire from coaching, then move to the North Pole to assume head-coaching duties there. Apparently, this past winter Santa Claus fell off Jackson's roof, disappeared and Jackson put on the red suit, meaning he's the new Santa Claus. That little drawing pretty much answers the questions about Phil's decision for next year.

1 to Ring: Yeah, that's a ring, but maybe it isn't a championship ring. I mean, those things don't look anything like a title ring, and Jackson has 10 of those so he should know that. Maybe that little drawing is his way of letting everybody know that he's going to propose to Jeanie Buss. Congratulations, you two!

1 to Ron Artest(notes): That last character is quite clearly a caricature of Ron Artest's Mohawk from last postseason, and Phil promised Ron that he'd get the same haircut if the Lakers won the title. Ergo, one more win and Phil is Mohawked and saying Queensbridge.

[Photos: See Ron Artest's best moves and more]

Like I said, it's highly unlikely that any of these are the real interpretation, but you never know. And if Phil Jackson ends up with a Mohawk, don't say I didn't warn you.

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