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NBA players like fast cars. Heck, most people like fast cars. Just ask Vin Diesel, who has made an entire career out of people liking fast cars. So it shouldn't be terribly surprising that any NBA player would spent any of their millions of dollars on a very fast car. Reigning rookie of the year Tyreke Evans(notes) did just that.

And then, because it's pointless to have a fast car if you can't use it, Evans decided to test just how fast his Mercedes really was. He got it above 100 mph, and with that, a complimentary traffic stop courtesy of the California Highway Patrol. He really got all the bells and whistles.

From the Sacramento Bee's Melody Gutierrez:

A CHP air unit spotted Evans at 6:51 p.m. in a 2010 black Mercedes S550 speeding at more than 100 mph westbound on Interstate 80 at Antelope Road. The air unit followed the Mercedes until officers could respond at 6:58 p.m. outside a park, where Evans planned to play basketball.

Officers drew guns and ordered Evans and his passenger out of the car. Dutton said Evans' windows were tinted black and officers could not see inside the vehicle so they performed a felony stop with guns drawn.

Dutton said Evans was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

OK, yes it is very dangerous that Tyreke Evans would drive his very expensive and very fast car at such high speeds that police would approach him with guns, but is it not kind of adorable that he was speeding to go play basketball? If a team had to have the face of its franchise get in even the teensiest amount of trouble with the law, hurrying to play basketball in the offseason is probably the No. 1 choice of all franchises.

That being said — slow down, Tyreke! I know that all of America was entranced by the "Fast and Furious" quadrilogy, but that doesn't mean we should all drive our cars at high speeds on something called Antelope Road. Can you even imagine what would have happened if an antelope would have jumped out? Nothing good, that's for sure.

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Ball Don't Lie

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