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The other day I was on Facebook, just returning some messages when I got one from former UCLA Forward Lorenzo Mata. He said that he wanted to be part of the movement in any way he could.

After about 20 minutes of dialogue Mata asks who I'm gonna vote for to participate in the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest. Before I can answer, he suggests his former teammate Russell Westbrook. He says that Westbrook would be the best and yadda yadda, blah blah ... I'm not so easily convinced.

I spent the next half hour searching for clips of Westbrook, Joe Alexander and Rudy Fernandez, trying to determine who should get my official endorsement and vote. They have all dunked on people. They have all shown creativity on their Sprite Slam Dunk page. They clearly have credentials.

After much deliberation, I decided that I do want to see Westbrook in the contest. He’s the shortest in the group, and no tall guy stands a chance against Dwight Howard. That’s just plain fact. I also respect what he did against my Cal Bears last season. I was reminded after a quick YouTube search:

I was pretty much sold after watching that video because I played in the building for four years and never saw anyone do THAT. I believe in Russell Westbrook. Yes, I, like the citizens of Gotham believed in Harvey Dent, believe in Westbrook and will vote for him to be in the '09 dunk contest.

I figured I should send Mata a message letting him know that I made his wish come true. But then I started wondering why Mata would value my opinion on dunkers at all? Then I remembered:

Mata knows FIRST HAND how I get down! I guess he remembers just like I do. He should have expected me to post this video, because there was no way I was going to only have UCLA highlights on Too Much Rod Benson!

Rod Benson is a Cal grad who plays for the D-League's Dakota Wizards. When he's not busy answering questions, he blogs one or two times a week on Ball Don't Lie. Read his archive, pay a visit to and always support the Boom Tho movement.

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