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Stephon Marbury is getting restless of sitting at the end of the Knicks' bench. In just over a week, he's already started a podcast, finished eight puzzles, built a birdhouse and took a bus tour to Niagara Falls. He's got a lot of extra time on his hands.

So, naturally, Steph is considering returning to high school — Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn — to train with the basketball team. He also might take an Algebra class, depends if Mr. Harlock's teaching. From the New York Daily News:

"I think I'm going to start practicing with my high school team," Marbury said after practice Thursday in Greenburgh. "Seriously. I've already called the coach to see if I can run up and down with the guys and at the same time help teach the younger guys the NBA game."

Sadly for Steph, the kids at the school and us, bloggers, it appears as though the move will not happen. It's unlikely that the Knicks would allow Marbury to train with another team, and as long as he remains on the roster and continues to travel with the team, he simply won't have the time. That, and Donnie Walsh is terrified that Marbury will get caught up in the "wrong crowd." You know, like Wheels.

Update: Marbury has reconsiderd his HS plan. "I'm not going to do it," Marbury said Friday. "I spoke to the Players' Association and they said it wouldn't be a good idea." Translation: "Derek Fisher hit me upside the head with a rolled newspaper."

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