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Taking a page from Emeka Okafor's popular 2005 "Every Bobcat's Key to a Lifetime of Health and Well-Being" fitness book, the San Antonio Spurs have decided to give yoga a try this off-season. Jeff McDonald at the SA Express-News (via SLAM) reports:

"Concentrating on flexibility, relaxation, lowering of anxiety — that sort of concept is what we're looking at," [coach Gregg] Popovich said. "It's something new for us this year. We're going to do it for a while and see what we think."

Though Pontiac Grand Prix funny man Matt Bonner cracked jokes about Pop's new new-age bent, many Spurs like Bruce Bowen, Salim Stoudamire and Ime Udoka, gave Sunday's tranquil yoga session rave reviews. "It's very relaxing," Udoka said. "It's something to get our minds off basketball."

With all that stretching going on, I found myself clicking around some yoga sites to check out a few of the poses Mr. Robotron and his teammates might be doing. Which brought me to a game: Name That Spurs Yoga Position.

The rules are simple. Take the name of one Spurs player, and the name of one yoga position, and sort of mash them together to create some odd "super" Spurs yoga position.

Example: Two-Legged King Timmy Free-Throw Pigeon Toed Pose.

Now you try. Impress your friends! Impress Madonna!

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