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Word on the street is that the Warriors and Andris Biedrins have agreed to a six-year contract extension worth nearly $63 million. Here's what they're saying out in the ether about the latest GSW signing ...

Fear The Beard: "I didn't know that Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf came out with a rather unlikely line of hair-care products in his post Desert Storm life, but judging from the Biedrins-like image on the tube, this seems like just the stuff to take him to the next level. We're gonna need a cool 18 and 10 from AB for the next half-decade or so, and I say go with what works. When he was sporting the Jim Carrey, he was a non-factor. His hair rose, and so did his game. Now he’s the richest man in Latvia. Pump up the volume. I want to see some Edward Scissorhands type ish on opening night next year."

The City: "... this is at least the second most important move of the off-season and might be more vital than the Ellis signing. Biedrins was the NBA’s third best rebounder on a per minute basis and the rest of his game is vital to the team’s future. There are simply not many young big men as athletic and quick as Andris. His feel on pick-and-rolls and willingness to fill the role of garbage man are other crucial factors that make him a must keep player."

"TimC" at Talking Points: "This is why the Warriors will be in a state of mediocrity for a while. Ellis' contract reminds me of the one that J-Rich signed for when he was still on the team. While Ellis is capable of scoring 20+ any given night, he’s also capable of giving up 25+ points a night. During his rookie season, he at least tried on defense. I like Biedrins but he is a limited player offensively. I hope his deal is worth $54 million like Kawakami said and not in fact $63 million. I don’t think the Warriors are any better than they were last year and they probably won’t make the playoffs again but I am used to that fact."

Matt Moore, FanHouse: "It's unknown at this point what effect Biedrins' position on the NBA Overseas Defection Watch had on the urgency for the Warriors to get the deal done, if any, but anyway, go ahead and cross him off the list. And, barring injury or a team losing their mind in a trade (we're looking at you, Atlanta), this should pretty much lock up the Warriors roster next year, with both Anthony Randolph and Richard Hendrix signed."

"J-Triumf" at Golden State of Mind: "... I'm still under the impression that [Biedrins'] improvement is due to the Nelson system and Baron’s playmaking. He’s definitely got energy and knows how to finish, but his lack of shooting range/free throw skill and disappointing defensive numbers are still a concern. Out of all the signings this month, this is the one whose salary I’m worried about simply because he’ll be making Monta/J-Rich/Maggette money. But hey, the guy’s still young and we need a decent center, so hopefully the improvement continues — just like Monta playing point, we’ll just have to wait and see if the price for Biedrins is worth it."

Bonus, via Hoops Avenue: Andris Biedrins gets no respect!

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