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What they're saying out in the blogosphere about this mind-boggling Shaquille O'Neal-for-Shawn Marion deal ...

Bright Side Of The Sun: "I can't imagine why the Suns wouldn't either take their best shot with the guys they have, or else try to find a better fit for the system. Change is good, but unless I'm seriously missing something, this change seems just plain nuts! On the bright side, I guess if this goes through there should be no more talk about Robert Sarver being cheap or Steve Kerr lacking cajones."

Sports Bastards: "The [Suns] were not going to win it all with this unit as is. Or as "was." Don’t get me wrong, the trio of MV3 Nash, "S.T.A.T." and Matrix were really good together. They’ve won a lot of games together, for sure, but you don’t get trophies for winning regular season games. This isn’t the NHL, having the league’s best record doesn’t guarantee you the President’s Cup and a pat on the back from the commissioner."

Will Brinson, FanHouse: "I'm going to take the contrarian point of view here and say the deal isn't that bad for the Suns, in terms of the immediate future (which matters a lot more when you think about the fact that Steve Nash is somehow 34 years old). It doesn't make a lot of sense in terms of how the front office normally behaves, but they dump malcontent Shawn Marion and they get some defense in Shaq. Plus, I think it somehow gives them more lineup flexibility than they had before and Nash/Bell/Hill/Diaw/Amare is nothing to sneeze at. Diaw in particular has been playing much better, but he hasn't been getting minutes so no one has realized it just quite yet. He's going to go off. In the end though, if they fall short of a championship this year, the deal is a failure."

Bleacher Report:
"Shaq will not fit in with Phoenix's style. Don't worry though, he won't be playing much. In fact when I first read about this trade this thought crossed my mind: How is an old injured Shaq who is averaging 28.5 minutes per game going to replace a young energetic Marion who averages almost 40? Unfortunately, the answer is: he is not! This means the Suns will need to find more than ten additional quality minutes per game out of Brian Skinner. I just don't see that happening."

Hardwood Paroxysm: "The betrayal, hatred and disrespect I feel right now must be the same mix of emotions those people on Jerry Springer get when they find out their wives have been sleeping with their father, who is also a clown, while having their dog eat leftovers out of her privates and she loves scat. Thanks, Shaq."

Free Darko: "If the Suns were going to win a title, it should've been on their own terms. They should've thrown themselves back in it again, knowing that they'd brought something to this game, something that could beat back others. It would've taken a little luck, or a particularly torrid run, but that's what their whole style was predicated on. Now, we're back in the realm of positivism. Rotting positivism. As far as the eye can see."

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