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'Duk, my Yahoo! bloggin' comrade, emailed me this bizarre NBA story late last night, but I couldn't bring myself to believe it. I mean, a "Rashard Lewis signing turns ugly at Medieval Times" headline on April Fools' Day? C'mon. This had to be a silly prank, right? Well, apparently not. From Brian Schmitz and Susan Jacobson at the Orlando Sentinel:

Rashard Lewis said he and his family attended the dinner show at Medieval Times when some kids believed to be teenagers asked for his autograph. [...]

Kissimmee police Lt. John Lewis - no relation to Rashard Lewis - said officers were summoned after one group of high-school students thought another group was getting too much time posing for pictures with the basketball star. In the ensuing scuffle, which involved two girls and a boy, one teen lost a cell phone and another lost a camera memory card, the lieutenant said.

"I guess they were all frustrated, wanting an autograph," Rashard Lewis said. "It was crazy. They were fighting, going at each other. We just got out of there."

I'm still having a hard time believing this one. There are just too many holes in the story. First, why would anyone in his or her right mind actually want Rashard Lewis' autograph. How messed up on turkey were these kids? Dwight Howard's autograph I could see. Sure. But Lewis? That's weird.

And second, the last time I checked, there were no cell phones or camera memory cards in medieval times. Hence there should've been no cell phones or camera memory cards (or pens to sign autographs with for that matter) AT Medieval Times. "Cable Guy" taught me that.

Man, I don't know. April Fools' Day gives me a headache. (Huzzah.)

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