Ball Don't Lie - NBA

I'll fully admit to knowing next to nothing about mixed martial arts, the UFC and Dana White, but I think it's time to get wise to the guy, because White makes carrying around $20,000 in cash seem like nothing at all.

White was carrying the bills at a birthday party last week because he owed the chunk of change to Snoop Dogg due to a bet the UFC head honcho/Celtics fan and the notorious rapper/Lakers fan made during last year's finals. White took the Celtics, Snoop took the Lakers, and six months later? Snoop takes the money. $20k.

Smart move, Snoop Dogg.

And though watching your Lakers have to go to seven games and struggle to eventually beat the Celtics in the fourth quarter had to be harrowing, it's not nearly as harrowing as the wrath of the IRS. So claim away, Snoop Dogg. Claim away.

But before then, Snoop, why don't we let it ride? Anyone up for a game of high-stakes Boggle? 

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Ball Don't Lie

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