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How in the world does this work?

Seriously, at any point during last year's Finals, was anyone telling themselves, "damn, the Lakers really need Ron Artest(notes)" ?!?

Apparently, for whatever reason, the Lakers are close to a deal with Ron Artest.

And it makes no sense.

The triangle offense demands a presence that doesn't hold onto the ball. It's an exacting thing that asks for quick decisions and smart resolutions.

Why Ron Artest, in any form, would have a place in this championship-driven mess? It boggles the mind.

The Lakers don't need him. His off-court palatables hardly matter. The Laker offense begs for players whose hands don't stick to the ball, and Ron's hands stick to the ball like no other. He's the wrong idea. He's a wasted face. He's the wrong choice.

Let that sink in.

He's the wrong choice.

The Lakers, as presented during June of 2009, had no flaws. Honestly, not a single flaw, outside of defending point guards.

Artest, as great as he is, solves absolutely nothing.

He's a fine player, and everyone knows his name, but the Lakers don't need him. He'll spin the radio chat show fodder funk to no end, but that means absolutely nothing. He's a defensive-minded small forward heading toward a team with small forward depth and a good defensive history.

The Lakers don't need Ron Artest. It's a pity that his talents don't mind that apogee.

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Ball Don't Lie

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