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If you throw out the first three quarters of Thursday night's Game 7, then this was the absolute perfect way to end the NBA season.

That last quarter? Everything we wanted and everything we expected. Two teams playing about as well as they possibly could, defending like crazy, and even hitting back-to-back-to-back threes with less than two minutes remaining in the season. Not to mention, clutch free throws, a Rajon Rondo(notes) miracle three and then, hands-down, the best moment of the finals — Ron Artest's(notes) postgame interview.

It was everything you'd imagine a Ron Artest championship interview to be and way, way more. This makes the famed "Say Queensbridge" look like a Gregg Popovich sideline Q&A, and it's the happiest anyone has ever been.


[PHOTOS: See more of Artest celebrating the big win]

In case you lost track, here's a quick chronological rundown of all the people thanked by Ron Artest in less than a minute:

• Everybody in his hood.

• The World Wide Warriors, I guess?

• His wife.

• His family.

• His kids.

• Everybody.

• His doctor, Dr. Sandy (?).

• His psychiatrist, who really helped him relax a lot and apparently told Ron he would make a 3-pointer. This may be "Dr. Sandy," but that is unclear.

• ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke.

And that's only the half of it, really. In between thanking just about everyone he's ever met who doesn't play for the Lakers, Artest was able to plug his new single, "Champion," which is sure to be the No. 1 summer jam of 2010. He must be a psychic because he made it last June, before he'd even signed with Los Angeles. Nice soothsaying.

So yeah, pretty much the best postgame interview of all-time.

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Ball Don't Lie

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