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Ron Artest(notes) will take the blame if the Los Angeles Lakers don't repeat as champs next year.

That was the big hook, line and tweet quote from Monday's AP story.

"They won last year, and I'm the new addition," Artest said. "The fans expect to repeat. Everybody in L.A. expects a second ring. If we don't then yeah, they should point it right at me, throwing tomatoes and everything."

And while that's all good and gentlemanly — especially for Lamar and Khloe Odom — there was a second, more hilarious part from the AP that not too many people picked up on — Artest's astonishing grasp of California geography.

Michael Hurley of NESN explains:

The Lakers' newest forward appeared Monday at an event in San Diego to promote an exhibition game between the Lakers and Nuggets at the San Diego Sports Arena, and while he showed enthusiasm for his new team, he also showed that he may need to spend some time studying maps of his new state.

'I didn't realize how far L.A.'s tentacles, or whatever you want to call them, extend, all the way to San Diego," he told The Associated Press. 'I thought I was going to be getting some Golden State Warrior fans, because I didn't know where I was at. Most of the fans are Lakers fans, so that's great.'

It should be noted that San Diego lies approximately 120 miles south of L.A., while the Golden State Warriors play their games in Oakland — roughly 360 miles north of Los Angeles.

It should also be noted that Artest played three years in Sacramento!

Man, this guy kills me.

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Ball Don't Lie

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