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I hate to get all Ryan Seacrest-y on you here, but there is very little going on in the NBA world right now. Beno Udrih(notes) has a swollen left knee and Baron Davis(notes) loves this baby's t-shirt. That's it. There's nothing else. Well, besides this breaking news.

Former Laker Rick Fox has been added to the cast of "Melrose Place."

The ex-NBA forward is currently filming his first episode on The CW drama, a publicist for the show confirmed to Access Hollywood.

Rick, who hit the set for the first time on Thursday, is playing a nightclub boss in the revamped series.

'He plays the owner of COAL,' the 'Melrose Place' rep told Access.

My sources tell me COAL is the hot nightclub on the series frequented by its young cast, including Auggie (played by Colin Egglesfield) and Violet ("played" by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz). Sounds like a real winner.

Unless I'm getting my crappy CW '90s remakes confused, Rick will confront Kelly about sleeping with Dylan in the Peach Pit parking lot — which is directly across the street from COAL, you see — around episode eight. Then Donna graduates and Rick turns into Wolverine. The end. Spoiler alert.

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Ball Don't Lie

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