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Rasheed Wallace(notes), in Philadelphia, with a prosthetic leg.

No, I'm not disclosing the details of a murder in some NBA-themed edition of Clue. That was the scene a couple of Sundays ago in a lobby at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly.

As the hilarious story goes, Wallace, wearing a No. 58 Derrick Thomas Chiefs jersey, tossed a man's prosthetic leg back and forth with friends before the start of the Eagles-Chiefs game.

Why? No one was quite sure exactly. The best guess was that he had picked it up as an early Christmas gift for new Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett(notes) who would likely need it for when his next knee gave out.

But nope — 'Sheed just stole it from a drunk friend.

Click here to listen to the story, which begins around the 1:30 mark.

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Ball Don't Lie

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