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Ever since Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) was traded from the Cavaliers to the Wizards and then bought out his contract, it's been a commonly held opinion that he would make his way back to the Cavs. Cleveland needs him, he's a huge fan favorite there, and outside of costing him $1.5 million, it's the best for everyone involved.

But Zydrunas has feelings, man! Here's what his agent, Herb Rudoy, told the Associated Press:

"He's got a big emotional investment in Cleveland, in the city and the team," Rudoy said. "On the other hand, he was not happy to be used as a pawn in the trade."

Not cool, Cleveland. Zydrunas is a sensitive guy. You can't expect to trade him away, make him lose some money, and expect him to come running back. This isn't a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and J.J. Hickson(notes).

And this isn't even the first time Ilgauskas has been offended by the Cavaliers this season. Back in December, Mike Brown didn't play Zydrunas in the game that would have broke the Cavaliers career record for games played for the franchise while a number of his friends and family were in attendance. These transgressions shall not stand.

Or maybe they will. Ilgauskas is expected to re-sign with Cleveland on March 22.

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Ball Don't Lie

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