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Andre Miller(notes) may be the most boring player in the NBA, but he's certainly not the oldest. And don't even ask him about being the oldest — he'll act all old and cranky about it. Here's what he said when Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen asked him if the 76ers didn't resign him because of his age.

"Nope," the 33-year-old point guard said.

Then why did they not re-sign him last summer?

"I just don't think they had the money," said Miller, who then shifted into a complaint about ageism in general. "Steve Nash, he's older, he got a nice deal. Jason Kidd(notes), he got a nice extension -- and they're both older than me. Nobody ever talks about Chauncey Billups(notes) [33] around the same age as me, or Jason Terry(notes) [32]. Baron [Davis, who will be 31 next month] is creeping up there behind me.

"There are a lot of older guards. I don't know why they continue to talk about my age when I don't play at my age. I guess they don't have anything else to talk about."

Typical curmudgeonly response.

But despite that, there are some players that are older than Andre Miller. There's a quite few actually, and most of them are on the Celtics. Here's the best players older than Andre Miller, not including the ones he named:

Grant Hill(notes) (37)
Shaquille O'Neal(notes) (37)
Michael Finley(notes) (36)
Juwan Howard(notes) (9,000,000, er, 36)
Marcus Camby(notes) (35)
Derek Fisher(notes) (35)
Rasheed Wallace(notes) (34)
Ray Allen(notes) (34)
Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) (34)

That's a decent team. Now that I think about it, all they need is a solid starting point guard to compete for a playoff spot in the East. Too bad Andre Miller isn't old.

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Ball Don't Lie

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