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I don't mean to pile on Bulls coach Jim Boylan, but ... OK, that's a lie. Yes, I mean to pile on Bulls coach Jim Boylan. Guilty as blogged. But how can I resist? Not only is Boylan convinced that he's still "in control" of a team that won't even show up for practice, but he's also mastered the sideline photograph. Check out JB's extensive portfolio after the jump.

Ah, the Jim Boylan go-to crouch, affectionately referred to as "The Camper." Boylan drops into this pose so often that I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually sleeps this way. His quads strike fear into the heart of Tony Little.

And this is JB's stellar akimbo pose. The hands-on-hips show that the body is ready to take charge of the situation, but the smirk says, "we're doomed; Gooden get in." It's very conflicting, very deep.

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Ball Don't Lie

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