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No matter what happens Thursday night, LeBron James(notes) will be wearing a new jersey. Yes, even if he stays in Cleveland — remember, they changed their jerseys, barely, and he changed his number. Thursday night's decision instantly makes those wine and gold Cavs unis vintage, and that will make them more valuable eventually.

And while those Cleveland 23s will soon be worth fat sacks of cash, his older jerseys are already getting pretty expensive. For instance, this game-worn jersey from LBJ's high school days that's available from Leland's auction house.

Used during LeBron's senior year of high school, the jersey's original bid was $750, which is a pretty good deal for a vintage jersey. Now, exactly a month later, the bidding is already up to $1,945.32, which is pretty insane for a vintage jersey. Furthermore, the auction doesn't end until Friday, so it's pretty obvious that this is going to end up passing the $2,000 mark. Steep for a gold tank top, even if you are Vin Diesel.

So if for some reason you want to honor the Lebron-in-adidas era, you're going to have to pony up quite a few bucks. Not to mention, these have already been retroed by Nike and that OsJerseys offers the same thing for less than $400. But this one presumably has LeBron James' sweat embedded in it, which will come in handy if you're trying to clone him. And if you're spending that much money on a shirt, odds are you're crazy enough to try it.

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