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It's a good thing Oleksiy Pecherov(notes) was traded this summer, or else he'd have to explain why he agreed to appear on a pair of LeBron James'(notes) shoes. DeShawn Stevenson(notes) takes the Wizards/Cavs rivalry way more seriously than anyone else does, so he'd definitely call out Pecherov for lending his cartoon alter ego to Washington's Most Hated. Nonetheless, these "Stewie" LeBron shoes are cool.

Outside of the pictures, there's not a ton of information about these kicks. It's highly unlikely they'll ever even come out, and from what I can ascertain, they're a limited edition of one for LeBron himself. Which means that he's a "Family Guy" fan, which really fits his persona. You know, a lot people think they're both hilarious, when they're only sporadically kind of funny. That sort of thing. But the shoes look pretty good, especially the eyes on the tongues.

You win this time, Seth Macfarlane.

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