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I keep my ear to the streets, people. I listen to rumors and tips. I pay several people a significant wage to keep me in the know. So it is without reservation that I can predict that this LeBron James(notes) vs. Kobe Bryant(notes) thing isn't going away. The latest little nugget of information I've received? This t-shirt from 80's Purple.

Much like a "Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson" t-shirt my buddy has that I can't find a picture of, this shirt sets the two rivals in a black and white struggle, conveniently located at your crotch. For you Kobe lovers out there, it looks like he has an upper hand. And for the Kobe haters, you can say LeBron is getting the chase-down block. And for those of you who are indifferent, the shirt is $34 and a beard is not required to buy it, just strongly recommended.

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Four Muggsy Bogues ...

H/T: StyleCrave

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