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One way to make a shoe really expensive is to use premium leathers to construct the shoe. Another way to make a costly sneaker is by making them a limited edition. The scarcity of product drives up the price. But the best way to make a ridiculously expensive shoe is to combine both of these methods. Expensive leathers plus limited quantities is the proper formula for a shoe that costs way too much money.

In related news, Nike is releasing the Kobe Bryant Aston Martin edition of it's Hyperdunk basketball shoe.

You might be wondering what Kobe has to do with this shoe. He has his own signature shoe of his own, after all. To solve this mystery, we have to travel back in time nearly two years to when Kobe "jumped over" a car in a Hyperdunk commercial. That car was an Aston Martin, and I'm guessing that's the connection here.

As previously mentioned, it's a limited edition — only 500 pairs were made. And like we said, it uses premium leathers. So does that make it super expensive, like we predicted? Yep. Each pair is going to run you $550 US, meaning that each individual shoe could get you two pairs of the Jordans D-Wade has been wearing. Wow.

The shoes are tabbed for a spring release date, so you'll have a little time to scrounge up the money to snag these. That's right; you could be one of the lucky 500 to buy a great shoe for way too much money. Good luck.

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Two (out of five) Muggsy Bogues ...

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