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I'm usually pretty up to date on NBA memes. I am well aware of such famous memes as: "Shawn Kemp has a lot of kids," "Ron Artest is insane," and Tyler HansBro. However, through random eBay searches I have uncovered the most confusing meme of all time: "Got Steve Francis(notes)?"

I guess my first thought is, "No, I don't have Steve Francis." And I'm OK with that. But I'm really confused about this. Is this something that was big in Houston, Orlando or New York? Maybe it's a crack on the Grizzlies, who Francis famously wouldn't play for in 1999. I literally have no idea what this could possibly mean, but there is a t-shirt and window decal available on eBay.

Go nuts, Cuttino Mobley(notes).

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: One Muggsy Bogues ...

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