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Making shirts for possible franchise relocations is the new hotness, so we can expect to see it quite a bit between now and whenever we finally hear whether or not the Nets go to Brooklyn. FirstCuts had their tee a few weeks ago, and now there's this bad rider from Entree. Will it ever stop?

"Da. Russian, Russian, Russian." — Mikhail Prokhorov

Translation: "Yes. When we move to Brooklyn." — Mike Peterson

Nonetheless, in the here and now, we're going to keep covering the New Jersey-to-Brooklyn beat in all its t-shirted glory. Available at Karmaloop for $30.00, this iteration of the Brooklyn Nets meme really plays up the urban environs of Jay-Z's favorite borough. There's graffiti ... and a train ... and forearm tattoos. And even though the designer thinks the Nets are going to steal some of the Knicks' colors, it's not bad.

But let's keep these away from Brook Lopez(notes). Do you realize how confused he'd be by a Brooklyn Nets shirt?

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Two Muggsy Bogues ...

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