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Regular BLS contributor Nick Friedell has been filing reports from the Orlando Pro Summer League all week. This is his final post. Many thanks, Nick.

On Wednesday, Dante and Galante were hoping that former NBA head coach, and current Magic radio broadcaster, Richie Adubato would come up and join them on their broadcast. Adubato was easy to spot in the gym because his wardrobe is, shall we say, colorful. As he walked around the gym, Galante couldn't help himself. "Follow the glow trailing from Richie's shirt," he said to his cameraman.

Well, the pair got its wish on Thursday night, when Adubato made an impromptu visit to their perch high atop the floor, right after a viewer had e-mailed them a video to watch on YouTube. The old coach's arrival marked the first time in recorded history that a legitimate basketball analyst and a clip of prisoners doing the Thriller dance in the Philippines made simultaneous contributions to a play-by-play broadcast.

That was just one of the highlights from my time with the Dante and Galante show during the second half of the Oklahoma City-Miami game last night.

Some others ...

— As the game slowly dragged along, becoming more of a blowout by the minute, Dante couldn't help himself. "Every single person in hell has this game on a big screen tv," he cracked.

— When asked by Dante what he thought of the summer league, Adubato responded, "It's a necessary evil."

— After Marco Killingsworth got to the hoop for two of his 12 points, Dante had everybody on the perch laughing, when he said, "Marco Killingsworth with a nice bucket ... there are plenty of those to come in Belgium."

— Oklahoma City's Ronald Dupree did not go unnoticed by the pair either ...

Galante: Ronald Dupree is trying to get back in this league.
Dante: He's been on nine teams in six months.

— As the game came to its merciful conclusion, Dante spoke for everybody in the building, saying: "It's like that old dog on it's last legs, just put it down."

Speaking of putting things down, Dante and Galante will be putting down their headsets today. For those of you scoring at home, the pair has received almost 11,000 e-mails during the first four days of summer league play.

Now that they have become Internet mega-stars, it will be interesting to see what happens when the duo calls the games next year.

I hope the Magic can still afford them.

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Ball Don't Lie

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