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Since some little tournament called 'March Madness' tips off around noon tomorrow -- sending the one-and-done-lovin' nation into a bracket tizzy -- we, the BDL crew, figured we'd do something similar.

Yes, in order to try and keep things hot and spicy over the next few weeks, we are introducing the Ball Don't Lie Bedlam tournament, where 64 NBA-related people, places and "things" will enter one bracket to compete for the title of ... well, I don't know actually. Favorite NBA Item? Sure. It's not really important.

We're currently compiling a list of nominations for seeding -- think everything from Tim Duncan’s bank shot to a Josh Smith stat line to the Miami Heat dancers -- but we could definitely use a few more to help fill out the monster 64-item bracket.

So, please send in your nominees via the comments or by e-mail. Suggest anyting you like, but try and keep them somewhat specific. (Good example: the Lakers' "lights out" lighting. Bad example: socks.)

If everything goes according to plan, we'll start up the voting on Monday morning with our first set of match-ups. But until then, get your BDL Bedlam nominees in and enjoy the college basketball tomorrow.

(And yes, Craig Sager is currently penciled in as a #15 seed. Could he be this year's Cinderella? Only time will tell!)

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