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Programming note: I'm happy to announce that Kelly Dwyer's "Behind the Boxscore" will return on Monday. Yes, KD will be back in the Yahoo! mix, helping with the Ball Don't Lie blog, as well as writing a few NBA columns. So to celebrate I figured I'd drop this boxscore beauty that was just too good to pass up ...

Atlanta 96, Philadelphia 91

I hope you're sitting down for this ... on the floor ... surrounded by a bed of pillows ... while wearing a bike helm-- okay, okay, so, it's not that crazy. But still ...

Hawks' high-flyer Josh Smith finished last night's game with 19 points, nine assists, nine blocks, six rebounds and four steals.

What's incredible about the stat line isn't that Smith nearly posted a triple-double and a 5x5 in the same game -- though, yeah, impressive -- it's that these numbers actually helped the Hawks pull off the victory. From Sekou Smith at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

With the Hawks trailing by as much as 20 points in the first quarter, Smith took over on the defensive end. He recorded six of his nine blocks in a 12-minute stretch when the Hawks rallied from a 32-14 deficit to within six points at halftime.

For all the talk about Manu or Hedo or Baron Davis not making this year's All-Star teams, I still can't believe there wasn't more of an uproar over Joe Johnson getting picked ahead of his more-deserving Hawks' teammate. It's a travesty and I won't stand for it!

I'll be lying down on my castle of pillows if you need me.

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