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The ridiculous turns continue, apparently.

The Hawks need a point guard. The Hawks need to keep Mike Bibby(notes) around, and keep Mike Bibby happy. The Hawks like Mike Bibby.

But handing him the average salary for three years? For a guy who isn't average, right now?

Seems lazy. Seems the easy way out. I went over and over this for a good chunk of the morning, and this still seems like a committee decision made with the costs all known. Something you do when you don't have a clear leader full of ideas. Mike Bibby. Bringin' him back, because everybody knows his name.

At this point, in 2009, he's OK. He's 31, 15 and five assists, league-worst defense. Six million a year may not seem like the end of the world, but you watch this guy drag up the court in 2010-11, knowing that he has a year and a half left. You make sense of this, even when he expires in 2012.

This is the easy way out. This is where you go when you are tired of thinking. It's not the worst re-sign in NBA history, but it is a cop out, a lazy move, an uninspired turn. You just bid against yourself to keep Mike Bibby around. That shouldn't be applauded.

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Ball Don't Lie

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