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Mark Cuban loves three things more than anything on Earth. First and foremost, he loves speaking his mind — the several hundred thousands of dollars worth of fines are proof of that. He also loves technology, which has given him the means to buy the Mavericks and pay those fines. And last, but not least, he loves dancing in sleeveless shirts. That's just fun.

But if there's one thing on this planet that Mark Cuban can't stand more than dancing in sleeves, it's the San Antonio Spurs. I could regale you with records and events and things like that, but it's probably better to just have Cuban explain it.

"No, I mean I hate the Spurs. I have a hard time being civil to [Spurs owner] Peter Holt at the board of governors meetings and he has a hard time being civil to me even though we both like each other. It's what it represents," Cuban said one day prior to Game 2 of the heated first-round NBA playoff series between the Texas rivals. "We can both be 0-80 and if those last two games are Spurs-Mavs, it's going to be like a playoff game because we dislike each other that much."

Oh, you don't really mean that do you, Mark? You're just saying that, right? Texan basketball teams should look out for each other. If they don't, who will?

But even though Mark Cuban might "hate" the Spurs, he still kind of loves them in a Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee way. They're made for each other.

"Both teams play basketball the right way, both really have a lot of respect for the other side," Cuban said. "The beauty of the first game and every game we play them is every possession counts. There's not like, 'OK, we'll put in the second unit.'

Awww, that's better. A nice healthy hatred never hurt anybody, I'm pretty sure. And it makes for a really fun rivalry, even though the Spurs hold a significant edge in titles.

Though the Spurs may have the Mavericks beat in championships, Cuban can take some solace in the fact that the Mavericks blow their rivals out of the water when it comes to license plate sales. That should ease some of the pain.

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Ball Don't Lie

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