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The second season of "Eastbound and Down" wrapped up Sunday night with a warming, and almost encouraging episode that saw Kenny Powers making amends with all sorts of ex-combatants, on his way toward a springtime tryout with a double-AA club. While the episode, and season, were fantastic as usual, one has to wonder if a life worth living without the old Kenny is one worth living at all. Who will be there, to insult our nation's finest cities? Who will step forward, foot already in mouth?

Enter Orlando Magic backup center Marcin Gortat(notes):

"The only thing I remember about New York is -- it's sad -- but it's terribly dirty," Gortat said. "And it smells bad, too. I'm sorry to say that, and I know New York fans will hate me probably. But it's an incredibly city, great city, great fans... I love the fans and I love the famous people. I remember my rookie year I was sitting in the second row trying to find as many famous people as possible. But now, the memories I got is it's just a dirty, dirty place."

Start spreadin' the Purel.

The man is candid. He admits that while inactive during a game in his rookie year he spent the night trying to determine whether or not Matthew Modine was "famous," and he just called New York City a "a dirty, dirty place."

As a visitor to both Orlando and New York City, I'd have to side with the city that never sleeps. Because I much prefer a bit of scruff to a city that had me sweating through my sport coat before I'd even left the airport tram.

(Via Magic BasketBlog.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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